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Welcome to Holistic-Serenity, Reflexology in Slough

My name is Manny Sandhu (MAR)  and I offer professional reflexology treatments in Slough. I can offer a combination of reflexology, reiki and Indian head massage depending on your requirements. I offer treatments  mainly from my home and can also travel to local clients.

We are  becoming more and more aware that stress plays a major part in our lives. Stress unbalances the body and promotes ailments and chronic diseases. This is where  diet and exercise is crucial and by combining Reflexology as a holistic approach, this will  help to restore these  imbalances  aiding the body's natural equilibrium.


What to expect from a session

The first session will last up to 1.5 hours. A short medical, lifestyle and diet history will be taken. I will explain the rest of the treatment and if you have any questions or concerns these will be answered. You will be made comfortable in the lufuma chair with pillows and blankets and  then treatment will begin.

How will I feel afterwards:

Everybody has a different reaction but most people feel relaxed. Clients have told me they feel very relaxed and sleep better after a treatment. In some cases because toxins are being released there may be a “healing reaction” where you may feel more tired than usual. To allow the full benefits of the treatment it is best to rest after any kind of holistic treatment and drinks lots of water to help toxins to flush through.

“Sometimes you don’t realise the weight of something you’ve been carrying until you feel the weight of its release”